Tagiev Chamber Orchestra

CHina 2012

Are you passionate about music and looking to take your skills to the next level? Joining the Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra could be the best decision you make. This small orchestra offers personalized attention from highly experienced musicians, enabling you to develop your skills quickly and confidently. What’s more, you’ll get to socialize with other talented musicians, travel overseas to perform in concerts, attend masterclasses with renowned professionals in the industry, and meet like-minded peers who share your passion for music.

Don’t hesitate to join the Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra today and achieve your dreams of taking your musicianship to the next level.

Tagiev Chamber Orchestra performs J S Bach Concerto D minor for 2 violins

Tagiev Youth Chamber Orchestra

Tagiev Chamber Orchestra was founded by in 2001 in Australia, Brisbane by highly acclaimed teacher and performer Emin Tagiev. The orchestra is made up of young musicians aged between 10 and 18 mostly students of Emin Tagiev .

Throughout the years orchestra performed nationally and internationally and won many prestigious accolades. This includes Gold Award at the 18th International Competition in Sydney , which took place in Australian iconic Sydney Opera House in July 2009. Moreover, members of the TCO proudly showcased on stages of New York’s Carnegie Hall, Shanghai, Berlin , St Petersburg, Museum of Sibelius in Finland, Philharmonic Theatre in Baku, Azerbaijan at the International Music Festival and more.  Their extensive repertoire of classical music delighted appreciative audience often earning them standing ovations.

Many former students and members of TCO became professional artists and proudly secured leading positions in Australian orchestras. Tagiev Chamber Orchestra has delighted in cultivating both a dynamic and sensitive approach to their interpretations and are thoroughly looking forward to their many public performances and international tours to come.